Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sappire Fever

Ah, feels good to be back. No real excuse for the hiatus. It just happened.

Lately, I am obsessed (beyond reasonable explanation) with pink sapphires. I take that back, I've always loved sapphires (the blue ones.) The pink, is a little new. I had a mild obsession with the color pink back in high school. I was on the girls soccer team and we had a few summer scrimmages with other schools, and since we didn't get our soccer uniforms before school started we had to craft our own.

I took the helm of this project along with my friend Laura and Shelby. We dyed x-large boys tee shirts a pale pink, printed of a soccer ball with "Stonington High School" written underneath. On the back we put a nickname and number of our team mates. I was "O'Nasty", Laura was "Fierce Pierce", and Shelby "Dirty M." The pink color of the shirt softened our tongue in cheek nicknames and I could have worn that thing everyday.

Since then, never have I ever (haha oh high school) been so obsessed with pink. Until now. I can't get this little beauty out of my mind. I've been wearing a similar (totally not sapphire) bracelet and been wishing it was actually the glory that is this bracelet. Don't think I haven't thought of every possible way to justify the $1595.00 price tag. It's so pretty. Look here she's playing with her friends.

Damn, they all look so good together.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I vow....

To post more!! No seriously. Here is a glimpse of my latest project. Gardening! While the evenings here in Chicago haven't been very warm, I have started my garden. These are my peas. I planted them with some 6 year olds and in less then a week these little guys are growing like mad! The basil hasn't really taken but hopefully it will start as well. Not sure about anyone else but I am very excited about Spring and Summer.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oh Roy!

Roy Lichtenstein's Big Painting #6 is available over at One Kings Lane under rare posters. What a gem! If only I had $219 in disposable income.

Where I am at...

Well. The back to school project is going. Sort of. In all honesty, I need to commit to it. My hour a day has been lost over the last few weeks. I am planning to get on track. Probably not until next week. Bare with me. I might be posting some jewels I am drooling over in the mean time. When in doubt post something sparkly.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Art Monday I

This is my sketchbook. Pretty simple run of the mill sketchbook. I did add an envelope on it so I could have a triangle tool on hand.

You can see said tool poking out here. Also the envelope broke while I was trying to get the triangle. I fixed it with the yellow duct tape.

In my sketchbook I sketch a lot of my pieces. I also make little notes like "knotted leather." If an archeologist finds my work, I want them to know what my plan was in case the picture isn't totally clear.
Planning a necklace for Spring '11. I am very into shells.

Every night before I go to bed, I think about this necklace. How I am going to make it. What colors it's going to have in it. When am I going to have the time to make. Perhaps next Monday?

The Going Back to School Project

Many of my friends are going, have gone, or planning to go back to school. I admire these courageous souls. At times I even envy them- then finals roll around and I don't. At this moment in time I am not looking to go back to school, but instead take a journey to the days of elementary school. I am going to put myself on a schedule, where for one hour a day I am going do one of the following activities:

Gym (2 times per week because that's how we rolled at Dean's Mill School)

I am also going to post a daily blog post about what I did that particular day. Let me break it down.

Monday's will be an art day. I usually have a few free hours Monday mornings to get something on paper- a doodle, painting, or jewelry that I'm conjuring up for my Spring '11 line. I will even try to make it to a museum or other art activity.

Tuesday's and Thursday's will be a gym day. I am currently trying to get some physical activity in everyday but want to really push it two days a week. As soon as this snow starts going away I am going to try to run 5 days a week.

Wednesday's will be a music day. It may be sharing my latest playlist, favorite band, or reading an article about a band.

Friday's will be a health day. Whether it's taking a yoga class, reading something about a gluten free diet, or buying healthy food. Friday will be my day for health.

I'm also on a mission to publish more frequently about jewelry. That is of course what this blog is all about! I am definitely going to use this blog as a means to organize and motivate my little project. So stay tuned! Doodles will be posted shortly!

photo courtesy of creativepro.com thanks guys.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Scenes from a Scene

Can't beat 'em- join 'em. Everyone else is still talking about the storm that hit Chicago this week, so I thought I would share a few picks from the storm. Enjoy! Happy Friday!

The Saab that lives on my street- looks very Swedish here.

Poor Bike!

Shadowy People on Southport

Mi Novio.


Cool Alley shot. Now there are 6ft + drifts back there.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1.20 Carat Old European-Cut | Shop | Erstwhile Jewelry Co.

This might be the most fantastic ring I have ever scene. Thanks Cup of Jo for hosting a giveaway and pointing me in the direction of another awesome vintage jewelry store.

1.20 Carat Old European-Cut | Shop | Erstwhile Jewelry Co.T

Monday, January 24, 2011

Man I want that car.

Today was a great day because I saw one of these bad boys parked on Lincoln Ave in the Chi. I love a wagoneer. The one I saw was white and pristine in only the way a Wagoneer can be pristine. If I could I would by one of these bad boys and go cross country visiting all of the National Forests on my way. I would also fill the car with lots of rescue dogs and my boyfriend. I mean really, do you need anything else?