Friday, December 31, 2010


I would like a credenza-esq piece of furniture. I love this one from Anthropologie. Imagine a crisp white pillar candle on top or an orchid!

There is one aspect of this piece that is severely lacking. All those drawers are not actually drawers. Such a disappointment right? When I see something like this I immediately envision all the paper, beads, and other knick knacks I can neatly tuck away into it.

This piece does have spacious drawers on one side and a cupboard on the other. However, the illusion of those thin drawers (ones I would imagine to be in a printers shop circa 1865) is not enough for me. Don't tease me with those drawer posers, I want the real deal! Also the $1698.00 price tag isn't too appealing either (not including a $250 shipping fee.) Alas, the search continues.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Crafts a plenty!

I did it! Yay, I'm so excited to share with you all the crafts I've been working on this month!

Casey and I don't have a tree, fireplace, or anywhere else cute to decorate. So I decorated our bookshelf! It's the IKEA expedit which we put together ourselves. It was a labor of love because I love it! It's the first thing you see when you walk into our home and I am obsessed with it!

I really wanted our first Christmas to feel special. So I made us both stockings. Here's mine.

Here's Casey's (filled.) I sewed, embrodiered, and adhered everything myself. Casey thinks they are too narrow (and they are) but they're cute.

Here is my favorite. Our Wreath. I made pom poms for my Halloween costume last year so re-purposed the extras for the wreath. It was a little bland so I spiced it up with some tinsel. (extra tinsel was used to decorate the bookcase.)

Another view of the wreath.
I did a watercolor/pen and ink/ pencil drawing of Casey's parents dog, for their Christmas gift. I am pretty happy with it!

Merry Christmas everyone! Safe Travels!

Friday, December 17, 2010

So excited!

Hello Loyal Readers. I know I am up to my old tricks and not posting regularly. I am in full craft mode. Which I will get around to sharing post holidays (unfortunately). However, I did want to drop in and share that tomorrow evening I will be watch one of the best Christmas movies out there. With whom you ask? Why the little lady I babysit for (ahem she is just shy of 6.) I am ecstatic her mother is allowing me to show it to her as there are some choice words and questionable scenes throughout. Alas, I am so glad I get to watch this with her for her first viewing. She is going to be giggling the whole time! That is all for now. Hope everyone is getting their shopping done and staying warm.