Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sappire Fever

Ah, feels good to be back. No real excuse for the hiatus. It just happened.

Lately, I am obsessed (beyond reasonable explanation) with pink sapphires. I take that back, I've always loved sapphires (the blue ones.) The pink, is a little new. I had a mild obsession with the color pink back in high school. I was on the girls soccer team and we had a few summer scrimmages with other schools, and since we didn't get our soccer uniforms before school started we had to craft our own.

I took the helm of this project along with my friend Laura and Shelby. We dyed x-large boys tee shirts a pale pink, printed of a soccer ball with "Stonington High School" written underneath. On the back we put a nickname and number of our team mates. I was "O'Nasty", Laura was "Fierce Pierce", and Shelby "Dirty M." The pink color of the shirt softened our tongue in cheek nicknames and I could have worn that thing everyday.

Since then, never have I ever (haha oh high school) been so obsessed with pink. Until now. I can't get this little beauty out of my mind. I've been wearing a similar (totally not sapphire) bracelet and been wishing it was actually the glory that is this bracelet. Don't think I haven't thought of every possible way to justify the $1595.00 price tag. It's so pretty. Look here she's playing with her friends.

Damn, they all look so good together.