Monday, February 7, 2011

Art Monday I

This is my sketchbook. Pretty simple run of the mill sketchbook. I did add an envelope on it so I could have a triangle tool on hand.

You can see said tool poking out here. Also the envelope broke while I was trying to get the triangle. I fixed it with the yellow duct tape.

In my sketchbook I sketch a lot of my pieces. I also make little notes like "knotted leather." If an archeologist finds my work, I want them to know what my plan was in case the picture isn't totally clear.
Planning a necklace for Spring '11. I am very into shells.

Every night before I go to bed, I think about this necklace. How I am going to make it. What colors it's going to have in it. When am I going to have the time to make. Perhaps next Monday?


D&D said...

i love your sketches

Eileen said...

thanks. I love your face!

Carmela said...

Great sketches! How often do you make jewelry? I just started making jewelry this summer....check out my blog:

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georgi said...

I agree...shells are great, each one is so unique! Thanks for sharing your blog ...very nice!