Monday, February 7, 2011

The Going Back to School Project

Many of my friends are going, have gone, or planning to go back to school. I admire these courageous souls. At times I even envy them- then finals roll around and I don't. At this moment in time I am not looking to go back to school, but instead take a journey to the days of elementary school. I am going to put myself on a schedule, where for one hour a day I am going do one of the following activities:

Gym (2 times per week because that's how we rolled at Dean's Mill School)

I am also going to post a daily blog post about what I did that particular day. Let me break it down.

Monday's will be an art day. I usually have a few free hours Monday mornings to get something on paper- a doodle, painting, or jewelry that I'm conjuring up for my Spring '11 line. I will even try to make it to a museum or other art activity.

Tuesday's and Thursday's will be a gym day. I am currently trying to get some physical activity in everyday but want to really push it two days a week. As soon as this snow starts going away I am going to try to run 5 days a week.

Wednesday's will be a music day. It may be sharing my latest playlist, favorite band, or reading an article about a band.

Friday's will be a health day. Whether it's taking a yoga class, reading something about a gluten free diet, or buying healthy food. Friday will be my day for health.

I'm also on a mission to publish more frequently about jewelry. That is of course what this blog is all about! I am definitely going to use this blog as a means to organize and motivate my little project. So stay tuned! Doodles will be posted shortly!

photo courtesy of thanks guys.

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