Monday, November 8, 2010

Reasons Why Everyone Should Have an Indian Wedding

Oh Allison and Nirav's wedding was so much fun. A total cultural experience! Casey and I had such a blast. Sorry for not sharing these sooner but here are some of the best moments from the weekend. Also Indian women have some serious jewelry. Wish I took more shots of that.

1. Mehendi- The art of henna painted on the hand. Yes, it's still on my hand today.
2. The Carriage- Indian tradition calls for 5 or 7 riders.
(they had 7- Nirav's sister was next to him at the other side of him. The carriage driver is included)

3. We got to dress up in the traditional garb
... and it was awesome.

4. Nirav's dad is an amazing dancer. He pulled me on the floor and we boogied away. He danced the whole weekend. Man after my own heart.

5. During the ceremony they gave us pistachio ice cream.
6. Allison was transformed into an Indian goddess. 5 different outfits for the weekend!

7. The Ohm ice sculpture.


D&D said...

its better than russel and katy's!!!

South Indian Wedding said...

I totally agree! Fun, fun and more fun :)

Susan said...

Very lovely photos! Sounds like a fun time.

Susan said...

Very lovely photos! Sounds like a fun time.