Friday, July 24, 2009


today I have a stiff neck. It's completely debilitating my very busy life. I have about 900 things I could be doing but instead am traipsing about my apartment as my landlord and a bunch of swarthy men come in and out to prep the place for power washing. Luckily Casey put my herbal shoulder thingy in the freezer last night and it's very soothing. I plan to pop it in the microwave soon too. What's even crazier is my horoscope (which I never read) is oddly fitting:

Friday, July 24
Try to see if you can manage to stay out of too much trouble around the house today. You might not be able to be as effective as you think you might right now, and you could end up tripping yourself up if you're not careful. Just try to take it easy and hold on until next week when many things might start coming into much better focus for you.


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