Thursday, January 15, 2009

Moral Dilemma

So I was recently invited to join Rue La La, an online shopping boutique that offers HUGE discounts on fabulous overstocked goods. Not only am I addicted to this site, I have found my latest obsession in a bag. Please note exhibit A and B. Let me also point out this bag is navy- well they call it Ink. The catch with Rue La La is that you have to be invited.*

My current bag is the Red Havana Hobo by Hayden- Harnett and while obsessed with HH I am totally disappointed because it's been falling apart since week 2. I am just too lazy to replace it or send HH an email regarding the terrible state of my Havana.

Back to the the task at hand. Behold the "Chola" (A) and the "Crocetta" (B) by Gustto... the amazing South of France designer. I have 1 DAY to decide whether or not I need this. So before this post I went to my go to Sarah for input but thought I would also bring it here too. The bags are comparable in size B is slightly bigger then A. I don't know if I am going to take the plunge... but maybe if I sell the Saab this week I can do it! Cross your fingers!

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L said...

did you do it?!?!