Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Boy am I going to need it tonight! I have a show this evening and am hoping to really sell a lot of pieces. My collection is looking really solid and I hope the lower gas prices and the holidays being right around the corner encourages people to buy... a lot. I am channeling Erica Weiner creator of this four leaf clover (which by the way is currently sold out.) Isn't it fab? The little brass pendant on the side says "One leaf for fame, one leaf for wealth, and one leaf for a faithful lover, and one leaf to bring glorious health, are all in a four leaf clover." Lovely.

One more announcement... The Marie Francis was on the Etsy home page yesterday afternoon! I received over 400 hits! So exciting and a good sign for the evening.

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Gioielli said...

You are going to clean up. Superior talent and hard work will result in all the luck you need.